Rent apartment Drukarska str Lviv
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Rent apartment Drukarska str(Lviv)

This is a wonderful centrally located apartment about 50 metres from the Rynok square above the famous Massandra wine bar, just renoveted to high standard with new furniture and large screen TV with satellite channels,Internet, this two room apartment with hig ceilings is located in the oldest part of the city with over 20 bars and restaurants withing 200 metres of the apartment.Modern fittings and independent heating make this an ideal place to stay, the apartment is located on the second floor (first floor in UK and USA) so is ideal for people not wanting lots of stairs to climb. This flat will be Ideal for longer stays or long weekends as plenty of space to move about.
Address:Rent apartment Drukarska str(Lviv)
Price for one night:45 euro

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Apartment for sale in Lviv center! 85000
1 room
Apartment for sale in Lviv center!

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