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Lets start our tour from the Rynok square (or Market square).

This is a heart of our magnificent city with stunning palaces, fountains, antique statues always bright and cheerful. Friendly opened doors of cozy cafes with lovely smell of coffee and cakes. On this small area there are 45 protected architectural monuments. Each building has it own history and charm. 

In middle of market is City Hall.

The first city hall was established on Rynok sq in 14th century. It was made from wood and been destroyed by fire. Next one appeared in 15th century. Tower that u see in middle of hall is second of its kind as original one was deemed unstable and demolished. This 65 metres high replacement is looking same like original one. On the top of tower is viewing platform with great view over city. There is no elevator so you have to make 306 steps up to the platform. 

Chorna Kamyanyzya. (Rynok sq 4)

Black color of building is a product of long term absorption of dust by the stone. It was known as Doctors Stone House. In 1926 the building was bought by the city and there was opened Lviv historical museum. 

Italian Courtyard of Kornyakt palace. ( Rynok sq 6)

This building is a unique monument of the Renaissance period. Until 16th century the land on which the palace is was build two smaller buildings. Konstantin Kornyakt ordered the reconstruction of these two houses into a big edifice. After Kornyakts death, house was taken over Jakob Sobeski (father of future Polish King Jan the third Sobeski) .Since 1908 the building became a museum. Palace has lovely romantic courtyard calls Italian Courtyard. 

Museum of Pharmacy (Drukarska 2)

The first pharmacy in Lviv was founded at the Dominican Monastery in the 13th century. In 1735 The Nathorn Pharmacy was started in that building and since then it has been functioning there for more then 25 years. In general two thousand exhibits was collected for the museum and displayed in couple rooms of ground floor and basement. Museum was opened there at 1966. 

Arsenal (Pidvalna 5)

Construction of the original two storied building began in 14th century but was not completed by 1555. After almost two centuries building was completely destroyed by fire. The contemporary it was constructed on same place 1574-75. In the 18-19th centuries the arsenal lost some of original form. Recently two of floors were restored and there was open museum. 

St George cathedral.( St Yura sq)

This is most beautiful Baroque ensemble in Lviv. In the 13th century a wooden church had already stayed in that place. It was destroyed by fire. In the 14th century a new stone one was erected to a design of the architect Meretini. A bell cast in 1340 and named Dmytro after a Lithuanian prince has been through all theses ages summoning the believers up for liturgy. St Yura Cathedral is the main centre of the Greek-Catholic Church ( was founded in 1656 in Brest as a result of Unia signed there by the representatives of the Catholic and Orthodox churches) and a residence of the head of the Church at present. 

Opera House (Svobody ave)

Lviv Grand Opera was built for 3 years (1897-1900). Building had been designed to stand on a marshland therefore Zigmund Gorgolevski decided to place it on top of concrete slab. Consequently the leading fire preventive technologies were used at the construction of the entire building. Gorgolevski has developed draft sketches of the graphic and sculptural decor, which was later on completed by his followers and artists. 

Church of Dominicans (Fedorova str)

The present building of the church was erected to a design of Jan de Vitte in 1745. This building is considered to be one of the best Baroque buildings in Lviv. The construction work was completed at 1764. The magnificent edifice had to stay for a power of the Dominicans. The pediment has preserved their motto Soli Deo Honor et Gloria and the sculptures by Sebastian Fessinger full with dynamic and expression intensify the splendor of building. 

Latin Cathedral and the chapels (Cathedralny sq)

The cathedral has become an almost unique sample of the Gothic architecture in Lviv. A remote Assumption Church was standing over there in princely times. It was pulled down to the order of Kazimir the Great in 1360 and the same year a corner stone of a new Latin Cathedral was put down. At present the building of the cathedral is a blend of different architectural styles and decors that have been merging with each other in a course of centuries. 

This is a very short list of Lviv sightseeings. To see more please visit our beautiful city and discover real life story, temper and character of old streets that waiting for you. For comfortable and quick viewing you can use charmy tourist tram that starts journey on Rynok sq near entrance into Town Hall. So welcome to Lviv!

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