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We would like to offer you our range of Lviv tours:

1.Walking tour.

- Churches of Lviv ,
- old town Leopolis,
- Lviv as part of Austrian-Hungarian empiere,
- Soviet Lvov,
- modern city Lviv,
- Lviv - city of coffee,

Lviv as part of Austrian-Hungarian empiere Opera House - Svobody ave - Taras Shevchenko statue - Statue of Shveika - Statue of King Danylo Galytskyi - Statue of Adam Mitskevitch-famous polish writer - Fountain of Virgin Maria - Svobody ave.

Old town Leopolis: - Latin Cathedral - Rynok sq (Townhall and houses of famous lviv residents) - Armenian church - Armenian district - Museum of Farmacie - Italian cortyard - Dominicano church - Statue of Ivan Fedorov - Jewish district - Bernardines church.

Duration : 2-3 hours

Additional (Austrain-Hungarian empire):
If you wish we can add Shevchenk ave (Lawyer house - best bakery in Lviv "Veronika") - Kopernika str (Potozky palace, house where was born Saher fon Masoch, palace of earl Ossolynsky) - Ivan Franko university - House of scientist (posh casino in past) - Svobody ave.
Duration : another 2.5-3 hours

2.Tours on car

Svobody ave - 15 min drive - Medical university - Lychakiv cemetry - 40 min walk - Shevchenko park - 20 min walk - High castle (bottom viewing place - 5 min., if you wish, you can go on top part of hill - 30 min.) - Old Tower - Citadel (19 sentury) - Organ hall - Lviv university "Politechnika" - St George cathedral) - Ivan Franko university - Gorodotska str (the longest street sinse Polish time) - Opera House.

Duration : 2.5-3 hours

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