Rent  three room apartment on Sichovyh Striltsiv Lviv
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Rent three room apartment on Sichovyh Striltsiv Lviv

Its cosy apartment within the old centre of Liviv just opposite the old souvenir market, you can see all the locals and tourists alike looking at old antiques and various traditional Ukraine souvenirs and a huge range of paintings; especially at the weekends. The Flat consists of one large room with good light, simple clean decoration, a large modern kitchen which can double as an extra bedroom if needed, modern fitting and independent central heating although the flat is almost always warm without much heating. Modern classic furniture, wardrobe Satellite TV , high speed Internet etc. Nice compact bathroom with full size bath and separate sink and toilet. Room size approx 39 square metres so almost twice size of the local hotel rooms. The Flat is located on 3rd floor (2nd floor English) in the main Liviv theatre , 1 minute from the Opera, 3 minutes to the Rynok and is within the old original walled town so everything is very very close with a few good restaurants near one actually in the same building, also a new modern beauty salon has just opened near.
Address:Rent three room apartment on Sichovyh Striltsiv Lviv
Price for one night:65 euro

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Apartment for sale in Lviv center! 85000
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Apartment for sale in Lviv center!

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