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We will add questions here as we get asked but here are the most common ones:

Check in /Check out time

Normally all apartments have to be vacated at 1200 and apartments are not normally ready before 1400-1500. 

Half day-Part day

If you are arriving on an early train your best to reserve your flat for the night before as some trains arrive in the very early hours or late at night, half days are sometimes available.

Our rules are very simple if you want to arrive after 6am you are then you need pay for half a day, if you want to arrive before 6am say 4am then you need book the apartment from the night before, if you want to leave your apartment up until 6pm you pay half day, after 6pm you need pay for a full night as we can not clean late at nights or early in the morning.  


We normally give keys to the renter after payment for the flat in full this is your key for duration of your stay and should be returned to us on departure we do not deliver keys to unknown persons. Lost keys are needed to be reported at once and replacements can be made quite quickly and are charged at cost plus a fee for getting this done or arranging a master to come out to change lock.

Bookings of less than three days

No agency will guarantee a reservation for a single night in one apartment in most of the Ukraine what ever they will tell you. However in Lviv we WILL reserve the flat of your choice if Your booking is at least three nights up to 3-4 months in advance and one of our own managed apartments (please read note about exchange rates) We will always try and find you an apartment but understand that some landlords want the maximum return on their property so they will refuse to take deposits for a short rental or worse still take them and cancel at last moment if someone wants to rent for a week. We will locate you in same or similar flats if you arrive on short notice if this happens to you, if there is nothing suitable we will arrange a hotel place for you.


We ask one nights deposit in advance the balance is payable to our agent or who ever gives you the keys after you have checked in, you can pay by Western Union, Money gram, Soft money etc. Ukraine really is a strictly cash country and although you will see on Doors or restaurants the Mastercard or Visa sign that does not mean that YOUR! Mastercard will work here as the Ukraine systems is not always Linked to the main electronic channels as it means using a telephone/modem line to keep Open, they dont get free broadband here so often only local Credit card companies Products work, if you can bring your pin number you can sometimes take money from the standard ATM network, check your card and pin before you leave, In the UK we have chip and pin, these cards often do not work here, so you need ask your Card company to activate the strip section as sometimes its not used.

Payments in Currencies

We are now entering a very unstable time with regard to paper money. Some of our Landlords are only taking bookings in Euros; its understandable as the US dollar for example has dropped in real terms more than 15% just in a few months. Do not worry the apartments that are booked in Euros are generally fixed prices for a few months ahead, you can still pay in most major currencies of your choice on the under standing that if for example you booked a flat at 50 euros a month before which was 73$ and when you arrived 50 euros is now 77 dollars on that day then thats what you pay, we often get paid in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, YEN, we will take anything, yes even troy ounces. We use in many cases Euros as generally its more stable, and more of our clients are familiar with Euros than dollars, although we see other currencies like the Russian ruble becoming more popular.

If you worry about loosing money just order your flat and change your money locally into Euros after your booking.

Security deposit

This is normally 100 dollars which is returned at the end of your stay after checking that you have not stolen our very nice soft and really fluffy huge towels as that has been known.

Door security

Our doors to most of our luxury flats are made from steel and triple locking you can be assured of safety, if you loose your key do not panic you will need pay for a new set, but we can re-code doors in a matter of minutes, your security is paramount and if ever keys are lost doors are always re-coded so you don't run the risk of the previous tenant returning.


We can arrange collection from Kiev or Lviv airports, for a fixed price of course you can get a taxi cheaper as we have to pay someone for time and coming to you and returning back waiting time is charged at 5$ per hour after your original arrival time if your plane is late. Pick up from Lviv Train or Plane station is 15 dollars. 

VIP services

We can have a car or small bus drive directly to the plane (now thats really neat) so as you get of the plane you can be welcomed but Liviv Air ground staff that can take you to a waiting taxi. Contact us for latest prices but for elderly people this is great. 

Extra people

Our flats normally are designed for one or two people and charged as such but many have also pull down divans so extra sheets and covers can be pre-ordered its about 5-10 dollars extra just ask in advance and don't try and sneak extra people in as that's really mean.


We can show you secure car parks in the centre with 24 hour guarding or several streets hat offer on road parking for reasonable rates

Additional services

We can provide Tours, information on the city and anything else such as property purchase or hire cars , drivers telephones etc. It's really too long a list but we have in the past organized the following.

Car Hire 
Telephone hire 
Research on specific subjects 
Exhibition staff 
Hostess services for meetings 
Purchase of train and plane tickets 
Skiing instruction 
Tours of west Ukraine to find relatives 
Delivery of gifts and flowers 
Romantic tours 
Property purchase 
Property rental 
Mountain cabins 
Bank introductions 
Many other financial tasks 
Poland pick ups or drop offs 
Currency exchange 
Ironing and dry cleaning services 
Medical and Hospital introductions for cosmetic or other surgery 
The list is endless

Border assistance if you do not want to sit in a 10 hour queue


We are like you: frequent travelers and as such understand what people really need you can ask us just about anything and we will try and provide it for you. Many Landlords rent apartments in Ukraine but in fact they have never left the country so their idea of what European renovation is very different than it is in reality, we will always give you an accurate picture of any flat that you would like to rent, good and bad points so you get no surprises, any problems we will resolve them at once to the best of our ability.

If for some reason you turn up and want a room on the day we will try and find one for you from our or other peoples apartments in this case you will be required to view the flat and pay for your stay at once, if this flat is not suitable then we will always try and find you another or get you to a hotel, remember hotels sly a lot so you will normally pay twice what an apartment will cost and have half the size.

Many hotels in the city advertise rooms but when you arrive the cheaper ones have all been 'magically' rented that morning, hotel prices are much higher in Ukraine than most other western countries with many rooms in Kiev in the 3-400 dollar a night category, in Liviv its 100-220$

When you arrive you will be given all contact details for your stay phones are working 24 hours if some emergency arises, though we will bill you if you find you have got lost and we need come and find you and pour you into your bed.

Standard and Luxury apartments whats the difference?

These are flats that really the owners spend time and money on the renovation and client comforts they have good locations, secure doors and things like Veneto hotel Mattresses as standard, good sheets and linens, pillows that are changed often and cleaning to a very high standard, designed by people that travel for people that travel is a good way to define it. Look for VIP in the profile.

Cancellation charges.

If you need to cancel a pre-booked reservation we need one days notice, you would normally pay say for one night only, so if you booked for three days but on second day you decided to leave sorry you would not be refunded, as we have already paid our money to the landlords agents. 

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