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Rent-in-Lviv was originally set up by a few flat owners and some local landlords as a direct result of the current agency problems in Ukraine, that is: many of the flats that you see on web sites are actually owned by the agency itself as a result independent flats which are often much better in terms of price and value are excluded from their sites unless they have all of their flats busy.

As a result of this, flats that should be busy are not being made available, or flats where they will not give a much larger commission to the agencies are not being shown, we feel that owners need to set their prices which they think is fair bearing in mind the renovation and location costs which are not always factored in on some sites. Our agency adds the minimum needed to run this site so you get a better flat for the same money.

All flats shown here have the same mark up regardless of size of flat, some agencies were adding 15-30 dollars a night! Our fixed margins offer customers better value for money.

Some of our Flat owners are foreigners and well traveled business people, they know the standards people come to expect, our rooms in most cases exceed the standard of other hotels in Lviv even the 5 star ones which are charging three times the price. We have renovated the flats in some cases using our own construction company so we can vouch for every nut and bolt in the fabric of the renovation.

Please by all means try other agencies we just beg you to take our telephone number in case youre not happy, as you then have a choice rather than be stuck with something you dont want.

Our apartments are nearly always busy and most of that is repeat business with people coming two, three, or more times and we value customer word of mouth recommendations which keep us always busy so we really will try and make your stay a pleasant one Thank you for your time.

Rent in Lviv

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Apartment for sale in Lviv center! 85000
1 room
Apartment for sale in Lviv center!

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