Apartment for rent in Lviv Teatralna str
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Apartment for rent in Lviv on Teatrlana str2

Description of the apartment on Teatrlana str 2

Would you like to rent a lovely one room apartment in Lviv, that located right in between of mediaeval and Austrian-Hungarian part of the city. Its like alive reminder of the rich history of Leopolis, Lwiw, Lvov. Even name was changed within different times. From the window you can enjoy the view of the old historical Polish Cathedral, and from another side there is Svobody avenue, that ends with a famous Opera House- an Austrian contribution to the city
In this accommodation we will offer you such facilities as King size bed , wardrobe, Tv with Sattelite channels. There is a kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals. In bathroom there is shower cabin. Hot and cold water is 24 hours. Hallway is with secure lock.

  • King size bed - 1
  • Sleeping places- 2
  • Hairdryer
  • Kettle
  • Fridge

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Address:Apartment for rent in Lviv on Teatrlana str2
Price for one night:25 euro

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Apartment for sale in Lviv center! 85000
1 room
Apartment for sale in Lviv center!

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