Apartment for rent in Lviv Krakivska str
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Apartment for rent in Lviv Krakivska str

This is a very large Luxury two roomed apartment on one of the most famous streets of old Lviv as party on Teatralna, this street is now one of the most expensive in Lviv and which for over a hundred years has had most of Lvivs poets and well to do people living on this road. There are great views from the balcony of the flat which is situated within the old walled centre and about 2 minutes walk to the Rynok. Furnished in a luxury style and VIP renovated with a large double bed and hotel super deluxe standard Vento mattress, real Jacuzzi style bath with various settings and mood lights, this is a world class 5 star hotel rated room, intricate details on the ceiling and high quality furnishings are here, the sofa opens to make an extra bed (sheets extra) if required if you really want to share this flat with anyone! Very big bathroom and washing machine, small fitted kitchen with all the modern items you could need fridge etc. This flat has become very famous for weddings and honeymooners and people who are just out for a naughty weekend from Kiev.For business people there is Internet connection(charge free)
Address:Apartment for rent in Lviv Krakivska str
Price for one night:50 euro

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Apartment for sale in Lviv center! 85000
1 room
Apartment for sale in Lviv center!

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